Connecting 10,000 Agri-households through Social Media

The internet has impacted communication. It has been considered as an archive for information whereby people can obtain information. Social media is a one stop shop for information whereby the users can read and also contribute to the content. It is convenient to those who need information instantly or do not have easy access to information. Social media is a collection of online technologies that allow users to share insights, experiences and opinions with one another. The sharing can be in the form of text, audio, video or multimedia.

These platforms educate and inform on agricultural matters as well as facilitating the buying and selling of agricultural produce and related products. The rural community can exchange information and discuss issues concerning agriculture based on experience and knowledge. They also buy and sell agricultural produce and inputs and use pictures, links and videos to facilitate this. This sharing of information facilitates the marketing of the farmers produce and formation of networks. The social media platforms are also used to share links, news articles, information, feedback and for queries.


WhatsApp is the new SMS. I’ve realised that WhatsApp can be a very strong marketing tool and can help connect farmers with the experts or other farmers across the globe. It is a good one-to-one platform for direct communication with rural communities. Our WhatsApp groups cater to digitising the extension education and outreach activity, due to which farmers across the state can share their views and voice their concerns for more remunerative and progressive farming.


Facebook too can be a very powerful medium for forging linkages between the widely dispersed farmers for sharing information regarding innovative farming techniques, pricing of products, branding and packaging, studying consumer needs and tastes, and direct marketing of products through the online and offline modes so as to make the concept of farm to fork a vibrant reality. Following are our Facebook groups:


YouTube is the most popular video hosting service these days. Like other social media channels, YouTube helps me and my team to interact, share and create agriculture-related informative content with farmers across the globe. I see YouTube as a very powerful tool to share and engage with agripreneurs. YouTube also provides me several opportunities to share successful agro-events by with people who weren't there or who want to recall what happened. Following is my YouTube channel: